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Change your mind about Christ

At one time a constant visitor to my last church was an evangelist and his young family, when he did not have a speaking engagement. He was what we called in the Salvation Army a "real trophy of grace." I had read his life story of crime, including armed robbery from state-owned betting shops. After […]

Why did Jesus weep?

I recently conducted funerals for two dear friends who at one time were members of a congregation I pastored. They personally asked me a decade or so ago to lead their final farewell to this life. At the second funeral service I used as my text John 11:35, "Jesus wept." Just two words, since it […]

  • In the Flow of God’s Supply

    In the Flow of God's Supply In the Flow of God's Supply: Giving & Receiving -- To live “in the flow of God’s supply” is two-fold: giving to God
    in thanksgiving for His provision in your life, and expecting to receive the supply of all your needs in accordance with His promises and commands to believers. This inspirational book is a positive and practical guide to finances for believers. 128 pages. $13.99. In Stock!.

  • Exploring the Mission Statement of Jesus

    Mission Statement of Jesus Just four verses in Luke's gospel contains the most important mission statement in the world.
    When Jesus read God's five-point mission for his life in the synagogue at Nazareth, it was a momentous event that touched all our lives. "Personally I use the Mission statement book as an evangelistic tool" -- R.K. Also included in the paperback are 12 preview pages from "In Christ, Christ In", a major work by Peter Wade. 90 pages, $9.99. Order online now.