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"Become fully acquainted with his gift in you, there is nothing timid about it; the dynamic of a mind liberated in the spirit of love is fearless and unstoppable" (II Timothy 1:7 Mirror).

Some of my recent life-changing books …

Hallelujah cover


HALLELUJAH!: Let Everything That Has Breath Praise God
Powerfully packed with God’s Word, “Hallelujah!” illustrates that when we feel the least like praising God, that that’s precisely the moment we need to do so. This book captures and comforts the heart of believers. The author was inspired to go to the core of the problem and from incidents in the Word of God, give inspirational and understandable directions for victory over life’s troubles, with praising God at the center.

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Book cover You & God Incorporated


In this book are ten intensely practical “How To” chapters written to help you develop a partnership with God and live out the Christ resident within you, both in your personal life and your business or employment.

These teachings were first given to businessmen and women. Now that I have committed these truths to print, I am convinced that they are applicable to all Christian believers in most of life’s situations.

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IMPACT cover

IMPACT: Pentecost and the Early Church

Based on his unaltering foundational belief that the Bible is the “God-breathed” Word of God, Peter Wade brings his newest and best work to you — IMPACT: Pentecost and the Early Church. Focused on the first six chapters of the Book of Acts, the book is “filled to overflowing” with scripture, and Peter Wade brings discernment and insight from a lifetime of Bible study to its pages.

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See the whole catalog of Wade books now, all based on Peter’s perceptive insights into God’s Word.


See the whole catalog of Wade books now, all based on Peter’s perceptive insights into God’s Word and written in a simple yet profound style.


Peter and Vivien Wade have ministered the Word of God together in pastorates, seminars, and family camps for over 62 years and have maintained a web site since 1995. Peter has authored numerous books and ebooks, which are noted for their simplicity and ease of reading even though the subjects can be profound. His writings, videos and audio teachings appear on this site, as does the Wade’s history. Vivien has two paperback collections of poems available. Peter and Vivien live in a quiet beachside area of metropolitan Adelaide, South Australia.
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