E.W.Kenyon: A Tribute
E.W. Kenyon

Essek William Kenyon (1867-1948) was considered one of the all-time greatest of God’s teachers of the 19th and 20th century. He did more to teach and spread the truth of Christ’s finished work on Calvary than perhaps any other ministry in the 20th century. Although he spent many years as an evangelist, and then a pastor, he was known as the teacher of teachers. Over the air on his radio broadcasts, he was known as “the faith builder.”
    Every preacher and teacher has his mentors. For E.W. Kenyon, these were the leading evangelical preachers of his day: D.L. Moody, the American evangelist; Dr. A.J. Gordon, under whose ministry he rededicated his life to God; Dr. A.T. Pierson, one of the strongest voices for evangelism and an associate of D.L. Moody; and others of Moody’s “warriors” such as R.A. Torrey, S.D. Gordon, A.B. Simpson, G. Campbell Morgan, Andrew Murray, F.B. Meyer. These were all household names in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Articles by many of these writers can be found in our Articles section.

    Having a long and fruitful ministry for over 50 years, the Word of God was taught by this devoted man of God with unusual clarity, as deep and profound revelations of the Word were preached and taught in the Divine simplicity of the Gospel. His sermons were filled with incredible love, inspiration and Divine anointing, and were all geared towards increasing the faith of the hearers.
    In the days when many holiness pioneers were teaching sanctification as a second work of grace, Kenyon boldly heralded the biblical truth of sanctification by the finished work of Jesus Christ alone. This won a decisive victory for God’s people. Kenyon’s ministry has inspired millions to believe God for healing, deliverance and salvation all upon the finished work which our Lord Jesus Christ accomplished for us on the cross!
    E.W. Kenyon was a man of God who lived a devoted life to God above reproach. When faced with the seemingly impossible adversities of life, he conquered them all confidently, and victoriously by his simple faith in the Word of God. Kenyon’s ministry needs no other vindication when we realize that his faith teachings have produced the exact same transformations in his converts. It is no small surprise that his ministry continues today, 70 years after his death, through his writings — which are producing the same faith results in those who read his books! Kenyon’s biblical teachings place us into the realm of a superman! John 14:12, “He that believeth upon Me, the works that I do, shall he do also” becomes a living reality!
    Kenyon’s life and ministry was so faith inspiring and uplifting that many ministries today emulate his life and faith teachings. The words and teachings of E.W. Kenyon are quoted by more ministers who teach faith and healing today than perhaps any other minister of the 20th Century. Some have suggested this is a negative thing, but this is a not a negative thing, but a positive one, because it clearly shows how one man of God has influenced an entire generation for God.
    The Apostle Paul continually reminded his disciples to say just what he said, because what he said was Scriptural! E.W. Kenyon was used by God to lead men back to faith in the Word of God. Men of God such as F.F. Bosworth, who had a notable healing ministry throughout his life, continually referred to and applied E.W. Kenyon’s teachings. John G. Lake was also fond of E.W Kenyon’s teachings.
    The great healing revivalist to the Third World, T.L. Osborn, considered E.W. Kenyon one of the greatest exponents and teachers on the subject of Divine Healing in his book “Healing The Sick.” E.W. Kenyon influenced a generation for God.
    In a day when very little real faith in the Word of God existed, E.W. Kenyon began teaching people how to have faith based upon the Integrity of the Word of God alone.
     He taught and demonstrated to people of all walks of life, how to live by faith in the Word of God, based upon the sole foundation of the Authority of God’s Word. He dominated and utterly mastered all circumstances supernaturally by his simple faith in God’s Word. You can too! Kenyon’s teachings will make your Bible a new Book
    If you have never read any of E.W. Kenyon’s books, I strongly encourage you to order some of E.W. Kenyon’s books [see below], for your faith will be strengthened, Jesus will become an absolute personal Reality to you, and you will truly learn what is is to walk by faith in God’s Word His books will teach you how to have your own faith life, how to be a master of circumstances, how to pray for sick folk and see instant results, and most of all, how to have a close and deep relationship with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Books by E.W. Kenyon

See the complete collection of individual titles online on Kenyon’s Publishing Soceity site.

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