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When Jesus was Amazed!

In Matthew 8:5-13 we have the record of the healing of a Roman centurion's servant. Let's look at it and discover the second lesson from the Great Physician.

Lessons from the Great Physician

The Great Physician now is near, The sympathising Jesus; He speaks the drooping heart to cheer, Oh heard the voice of Jesus. Refrain: Sweetest note in seraph song, Sweetest name on mortal tongue; Sweetest carol ever sung, Jesus, blessed Jesus. (William Hunter, c.1870) One of [...]

700 Leftie Snipers

My dad was born left-handed, or cack-handed as they say in his native England. In the US he'd probably be called a southpaw. I did not inherit that particular gene or trait. I read that about 10% of the population is left-handed, and my dad [...]

Five “new” Verses for 2017

I’ve quoted my favorite poem about the New Year many times, and I’ve even used it on printed calendars in decades passed. But since I can’t find it online using search engines, I’ll repeat the first and last verse here [...]

Unfolding the Word

About three weeks ago I read a book about expository preaching and felt-need preaching, in which the author quoted Psalm 119:130, "The unfolding of your words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple" (ESV). It is that word "unfolding" that my mind won't let [...]

Miracles of Healing

Among the varied ways in which miracles are manifested, I must include the many records of miracles involving the healing of the physical body. Like other miracles, healing originates from within. "If [since] the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in [...]

My Words Will Not Pass Away

I'm continuing to look at the exciting book of I Thessalonians and what it says about God's Word, and now we are ready for chapter 2. "We had boldness in our God to declare to you the gospel of God" (2:2 ESV). Paul wrote to [...]

Authentic Christians

The two letters to the Thessalonians teach us much about the second coming of Christ. Yet they also teach us much about the Word of God. Of course, without the Bible we would not know anything about the second coming! If these two letters were [...]

I’m Excited About Thessalonians

Paul wrote letters to only seven churches, which is quite surprising as he founded churches in most of the cities he visited during his three missionary journeys of possibly around 10 years of travel. I haven't counted the number of cities in which he ministered [...]

D.L. Moody writes…

While looking through some papers I once read this wonderful description of Christ. I do not know where it originally came from; but it was so fresh to my soul that I should like to give it to you: "Christ is our Way; we walk [...]

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