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This is a book purposely designed so you can open it at will and read an inspirational truth related to God’s positive Word. Or, if you desire, you can read it from the first chapter to the last. Or maybe read one chapter each day, like a daily devotion. There are some sequences of teachings that naturally follow in order, and others that are sprinkled where they fall.

The subject matter for these short inspirational writings is often inspired by a verse I have read, or a book or review I have read, or a song or hymn from my years in church life. Some anecdotes come from my years as a pastor, and others from observing believers engaged in religion. All contain one or several biblical quotations, and the sum of them reflect my faith and its foundation: the Bible, the Word of God. May you too be inspired by these 72 pieces. “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be completely satisfied” (Matthew 5:6 Weymouth).

Here are just some of the chapter titles:

1 Completely satisfied
2 Make your tent larger!
3 The word of His grace
4 Beyond and above all
5 “What my husband was trying to say”
6 Me and thee and the KJV
7 “He ain’t never done me nothin’ but good”
8 Paul’s prosperity plan
9 Double-entry bookkeeping
10 God takes care of givers
11 A dangerous root
12 Fruit that increases
13 What shall I preach about this Sunday?
14 Have an eye-opener from God’s Word!
15 No need for tags
16 Citizens or family?

57 Luck and the Christian
58 Myself, God’s sanctuary
59 Don’t ignore it!
60 Are you in Christ?
61 Surely you know?
62 Always in triumph
63 Out of and into
64 The little words of the “in Christ” life
65 Many-ands and No-ands
66 We also are weak in Him
67 Bibles are not translated by atheists!
68 In two places at the one time
69 Christmas starts in Genesis
70 Just to take Him at His word
71 Tell everyone about the PIN code!
72 The death and life of Peter Wade

Paperback, 190 pages
Published by Positive Word Ministries Inc.
ISBN: 9780909362430

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