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18 Bible Studies on Positive Living in Christ

The Word of God is amazing! It is amazing in its preservation, translation, and distribution. And it is amazing in its effect upon humanity: from lives changed as its truths have been applied, to its influence on literature, human rights, and governance.

In this volume are 18 positive studies solidly based on the Word of God. Their style includes word studies, topical studies, and expository studies. You will be inspired to see yourself as blessed with Heaven’s best! Within you is the power to meet every situation you will ever run across, and come out victorious every time.

First Words
1 How Far Do You Want To Go?
2 The Word Still Works
3 Jesus and His Bible
4 Our Superlative God
5 Its a Package Deal
6 The Secret of Radiant Living
7 A Father and His Family
8 Fear Not!
9 Free From Condemnation
10 Identified with Christ
11 Bold as a Lion
12 I Can Do All Things
13 How to Receive Your Needs
14 How to Walk on Water
15 Simple Christianity
16 Do You Know?
17 As Though They Were
18 Good News About God
Last Words
Index of Scriptures

Paperback, 180 pages
Published by Positive Word Ministries Inc.
ISBN: 9780909362362

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