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The Apostles were suddenly “thrown in at the deep end,” having witnessed the death of their leader, his resurrection, and then on the day of his ascension, his command to stay in the city until they received “power from on high.” They realized that something was going to happen but had no details and certainly no accurate grasp of the full impact that this promised event would have on them – or on humanity!

Based on his unaltering foundational belief that the Bible is the “God-breathed” Word of God, Peter Wade brings his newest and best work to you — IMPACT: Pentecost and the Early Church. Focused on the first six chapters of the Book of Acts, the book is “filled to overflowing” with scripture, and Peter Wade brings discernment and insight from a lifetime of Bible study to its pages. IMPACT passionately and accurately presents people and events that have been part of Christian history as they were then: authentic, living, but demanding of your attention now!

You will begin to grasp the significance of that first display of the power of the Holy Spirit within the Apostles and its impact on believers, who came to know the manifestation of speaking in tongues as “flowing rivers of living water.” You’ll accurately understand how the apostle Peter with Christ in him healed so many people and thousands believed in Jesus, and up until Stephen spoke so boldly in the face of death. IMPACT clearly demonstrates how these lives and events interact with you today.

Paperback, 128 pages
Published by Positive Word Ministries Inc.
ISBN: 9780909362577

As always, Order 5-10 copies and you’ll get 20% off the cost of the books, excluding postage.


Peter writes: “This has been an exciting book to write. I have carefully gone over the text, immersed myself in the events, and presented the result to you as clearly yet accurately as I could. I have read favorite verses that have blessed me over many years, and the thrill of seeing the impact of them on the events has not dimmed. I’ve read other verses that have led me up interesting trails through the historic events and added to my understanding of how it must have been to the Apostles and other believers.”

One advanced reader wrote: “I completed reading your book. It has been a daily joy reading it during my breaks. You have certainly been able to make the Word come alive. Thanks again for sharing it with me.”