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This book examines what God did for us on that wonderful day when we first accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior. What was the result of our faith in Christ? What is our identity? What kind of help do we have along life’s way?

Peter Wade defines being “In Christ” as the power of our position. That is our location. “Christ In” us is the power of his presence. That is our strength. When God placed us in Christ, He placed Christ in us. We need to recognize both truths. Jesus taught it and Paul revealed its depth and permanence.

In the final chapters, there is a call to action: What are you going to do about these truths? This is Peter Wade at his best, sharing with great insight, humor, and practicality these vital truths for believers in Christ.

Paperback, 128 pages
Published by Positive Word Ministries Inc.
ISBN: 9780909362447
This is the 2nd updated edition.

If you prefer, also usually available on, and

What others are saying…

In general I was very blessed to read this manuscript, which I copiously highlighted and made notations on. We need to experience what God has for us, and you have done a good job bringing this out. Being in Christ is a comprehensive statement. It is foundational, the ABCs of the Christian faith. Being in Christ takes us from A and brings us to Z. He truly is our alpha and omega and everything in between. The church needs to have more emphasis on this subject. Thank you again for your efforts toward helping the Body of Christ to walk in all the fullness that Christ has for us. — B.T., Hawaii

Peter–peter–peter–all glory to the Father–Son–and Holy Spirit–you have done it again. Fantastic–A–A+!
I just finished reading your book–In Christ Christ In — it is absolutely the best book for babes that need milk–and a full meal for those that have been in Christ for a some time. It is so good I am going to order 3 more for other people.
The light of truth shines brightly; put on your sun glasses! I am a buyer–(see chapter 24). Christ in me–me in Christ—J.D., Oregon.

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