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“In Christ” Christmas Special

by Peter Wade

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3-book package

IN CHRIST, CHRIST IN. This book examines what God did for us on that wonderful day when we first accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior. What was the result of our faith in Christ? What is our identity? What kind of help do we have along life’s way?
Peter Wade defines being “In Christ” as the power of our position. That is our location. “Christ In” us is the power of his presence. That is our strength. When God placed us in Christ, He placed Christ in us. We need to recognize both truths. Jesus taught it and Paul revealed its depth and permanence. [128 pages]

IN CHRIST: A NEW CREATION. This challenging and positive book that takes a fresh look at what God has made us to be in Christ. No longer need Christians feel unworthy; no longer need they beg and plead, no longer need they hold back from enjoying all of God’s blessings.
In this inspirational book, you will see that understanding the Biblical concept of a New Creation will bring contentment, prayer will be revitalized, miracles will become normal, and God’s guidance will be recognized and acted upon. In the final chapter are step-by-step instructions on becoming a Christian, a New Creation in Christ. You will be amazed at just how much truth is packed into these 48 pages. These truths warrant going through these pages many times.

COMPLETELY SATISFIED IN CHRIST. This is a book purposely designed so you can open it at will and read an inspirational truth related to God’s positive Word. Or maybe read one chapter each day, like a daily devotional. There are some sequences of teachings that naturally follow in order, and others that are sprinkled where they fall.
The subject matter for these short inspirational writings is often inspired by a verse I have read, or a book or review I have read, or a song or hymn from my years in church life. Some anecdotes come from my years as a pastor, and others from observing believers engaged in religion. All contain one or several biblical quotations, and the sum of them reflect my faith and its foundation: the Bible, the Word of God. May you too be inspired by these 72 pieces. “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be completely satisfied” (Matthew 5:6 Weymouth). [190 pages]

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