This book re-examines God’s plan for His family and looks first at the Genesis record and demonstrates that God placed in Adam seeds of greatness that are our inheritance. Then God’s command to Joshua is used as a foundation for eight secrets of success. An example of the mental principles you need to apply covers the record of the 12 spies unnecessary journey into the Promised Land.

You will learn that you are IN-dependent when you have Christ within, not co-dependent on others. You really can be a victor, not a victim. When you grasp these truths, then you can excel in everything.

The paperback book contains 22 chapters in 5 major sections:
*  God’s Seeds of Greatness
*  The Grasshopper Philosophy
*  God’s Secrets of Success
*  Victors Not Victims
*  See That You Excel
This is Peter Wade at his best… expounding with great simplicity yet profoundly God’s plan for your abundant life in Christ. You will be amazed at how much truth is packed into the 196 pages, which include an Index of Scriptures. Guy Vieira has created a beautiful cover and a most readable design to complement the words by Peter Wade. Get your copy now and move on to the best God has for you.

Paperback, 196 pages
Published by Positive Word Ministries Inc.
ISBN: 9780909362294

If you prefer, also usually available on, and


Three of the sections of this omnibus book are available as Kindle eBooks:
God’s Seeds of Greatness from the Kindle store
God’s Secrets of Success from the Kindle store
The Grasshopper Philosophy from the Kindle store

You can view all Peter’s eBooks on this page of our site. It is constantly being updated.

You can also read selected chapters of the book online in our Articles section:
*  Chapter 10: Feed Your Faith
*  Chapter 21: I Use My Freedom of Choice

Order 5-10 copies and you’ll get 20% off the cost of the books, excluding postage.

Also available in Spanish as Semillas y Secretos.

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