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New 2nd Edition, Revised and Enlarged!

GOD’S PROSPERITY PLAN for believers is brought to light in a practical yet profound way in this book. The balanced scriptural exposition uses the four keys to depict mental and spiritual laws of prosperity.

The chapters are ideal for both personal reading and group study. The final three chapters (new to this edition) illustrate each of the four keys, using the well-known story of the “prodigal son.” Also included is an index to all the scriptures quoted.

Start learning these four keys and how they operate, and get into the flow of God’s prosperity.

You can read online the first section of the book from the original edition.

Paperback, 80 pages
Published by Positive Word Ministries Inc.
ISBN: 9780909362461

If you prefer, also usually available on, and


First Words 7
1 Poverty—A Christian Virtue? 9
2 Prosperity—Is It God-given? 13
3 Money—The Root of All Evil? 17
4 Giving—A Productive Experience? 20
5 Sowing the Seed 22
6 Harvest Always Follows Sowing 27
7 Old Testament Giving 32
8 Giving in the New Testament 35
9 The New Testament Principle 40
10 Affirmations Do Not Make It So 44
11 Rich Children of a Rich Father 50
Our Loving Father
12 A Father and Two Sons 54
13 Preparing for the Journey Home 59
14 Leaving Home Without the Travel 67
Last Words 71
About the Author 73
Acknowledgements 74
Index of Scriptures 76