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Building Businesses and Believers the Bible way

An amazing book by Peter Wade, filled with tips based on biblical events and statements on how to show forth the Christ within whether in your professional life or your personal life.

“Let’s imagine that you own a new business and you have God as your full partner. Yes, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, with all His wisdom, His power and His foreknowledge as a working partner in your business. It sounds like a winning combination to me. A “slam dunk” as they say. And if you are in business, you can have that.

Now imagine if we transported that same partnership into our private lives—our marriages, our relationships with family, friends and spouse, our life plans, and into our difficulties and problems. A working partnership with God in every area of our lives. In this book I share with you ten intensely practical “How To” chapters which were written to help you develop a partnership with God and live out the Christ resident within you.

These teachings were first given to a fellowship of believers, of whom the majority were businessmen and women. But now that I have committed these teachings to print, I am completely convinced that the truths they contain are applicable to all Christian believers in most of life’s situations.” — Peter Wade


First Words
1 How to Have God as Your Partner
2 How to Outperform the Peter Principle
3 How to Outdo the Law of Averages
4 How to Outsmart Murphy’s Law
5 How to Win With God’s Weapons
6 How to Have a Successful Year
7 How to Keep Your Head Out of the Lion’s Mouth
8 How to Kill the Giants In Your Life
9 How to Handle Discouragement
10 How to Survive a Catastrophe
Last Words
About the Author

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Paperback, 112 pages, 5.5″ x 8.1/2″.
ISBN: 9780909362485.
Published by Positive Word Ministries Inc.

If you prefer, also usually available on, and or

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This title is a totally revised and updated version of Outdo, Outwit and Outperform, first published in Australia in 1995.