There are four “Hallelujah Psalms” closing the Book of Psalms. They begin and end with “Hallelujah!” I say, brother, sister, do you ever give the Lord a real, good, hearty, and reverent Hallelujah?

Or are you afraid to hear your own voice saying it? And so you think it instead, or it comes out under your breath!
Oh, you say, “the Psalms are all Jewish and literal, and we are Christians and worship God by the Spirit, and it is quiet, and reverent, and not a thing for outward show” Oh, that’s it, is it? But how about the prayers and the blessings in Psalms?
Don’t you use their very language in some of your prayers when your soul has been in great distress like David? Do you never take Him at His word and “open your mouth wide” because He said He would fill it if you did so? Or did you never “call upon Him in the day of trouble” and find Him true to His word and “deliver you”?
Oh, fie, my brother! You creep in to get your share in the blessing — you know you do! And you creep in oftener still to tell Him your troubles and ask Him for help, you know you do! In fact you visit the Psalms, and use the Psalms oftener than any of the other books of the Bible, because they just express your feelings — you know you do!
Then why not chime in and give a real, hearty, Hallelujah? Don’t be afraid lest the angels should hear you; they’ll do it them-selves by and by “with a loud voice” (Revelation 5), and glad of the chance, too! It would do you a lot of good to praise the Lord a little more than you do at present. Just you try it!

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